My Changing Grocery Habits: Have We Seen the Beginning of the End for Big Food Retailers?

Dad was a firefighter in the RCAF – stationed at St. Hubert.  He effectively worked shift work, so he wasn’t around on every second Saturday. When he was off we would load into the station wagon and trek out to the Steinburg’s in Greenfield Park to do the monthly shopping for staples.  The alternative free... Continue Reading →

Getting Off This Crazy Train: Time to Stop Sleeping with the Elephant

“Heirs of a cold war That's what we've become Inheriting troubles I'm mentally numb Crazy, I just cannot bear I'm living with something' that just isn't fair”[i] I don’t remember a time in my adult life that approaches my childhood feelings of doom and helplessness, at least until now. For those of you who don’t... Continue Reading →

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