Yoga Redux: How Comfortable are you with your Metrosexuality?

I haven’t gotten to the point that I’m ready to wear compression tights to my twice weekly yoga classes, in part because I’m not sure I’m ready to reveal the front bulge.  Mind you, wearing loose and baggy yoga wear can be frustrating because far too many poses leave you tangled up and tripping on yourself.  And then there’s rolling on double massage balls and losing one’s pants to the point of not just risking plumber’s crack but moving precipitously to Full Monty.

Unlike my twice-daily foray to do cardio in the gym, yoga means bare feet and flip flops.  I have no issue baring my toes because I’m comfortable with pedicures.  And nothing screams freedom more than when you can walk out of the condo wearing leather flip flops.

James’, youngest son, taught me a lot about being comfortable with being well groomed.  We tease him, calling him “Metro Man”, to which he usually responds by turning in profile, head up starring into space, arm bent at a 90-degree angle, fingers pointing to the sky and answering sing song, “Metro Man”.  It’s one of those, “yes, this is me” declarations.

My children have each taught me something about what is right as opposed to what is acceptable for a near-60 man.  Rather than being embarrassed by the parental and his antics, my children not only support me in my efforts, but embrace it, sharing with me their own personal journeys.

I grew up with the epithet, “stop that, what will people think?”  Not calling attention to myself is something that has been strongly drilled into me.  I’ve missed out on a lot because I was overly concerned by what other people think.  And I can tell you honestly:  conformity left me overweight, unhappy and unhealthy.

This morning I posted an article from Canadian Living, your years beyond middle age can be the most fulfilling, that struck a particularly respondent chord.  And maybe with a little more work I’ll be ready to wear tights to yoga.

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