“Hi. My name is David. I’m a type 2 diabetic.”: My struggle to accept my reality.

I’d rather be anything else in fact.  I associate type 2 with overweight individuals, and on King West in Toronto it’s just not acceptable to be overweight. I have been avoiding getting my blood tested for six months now; while I do aerobics for 30 minutes twice a day and have drastically altered my diet,... Continue Reading →

Three Habits You Need to Successfully Save for Retirement: Beware of “Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free*”

  I’ve always been a gifted academic, fortunate that I see complexity as a puzzle that can be quickly solved.  And long ago I learned to stop suffering from paralysis of analysis to make recommendations and follow through on them.  But having an academic bent or good ‘gut’ instincts for the market means nothing when... Continue Reading →

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